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The history of casinos began at different times in different places. This is the main reason for casino history differing from place to place, as it didn't become popular all over the globe at exactly the same time. It first became popular on the East Coast of the USA in 1978, however only businessmen and land owners played the game rather than the majority of young and old, male and female players that take part today! Gambling laws were also passed on the East Coast in 1978, which allowed casinos to be opened up across the Atlantic City sector. In the late 1980's casino gambling became more apparent and became popular amongst the tribal community at this time. Players even began travelling to such venues, as casinos were not available in their towns and cities. However, other towns soon followed suit and opened up their own casinos in order to compete with other casino venues.

The next hoard of gaming venues began to spring up in Mississippi City and gaming continues to play a huge part in this particular state today. Casinos suddenly began emerging all over the globe once providers got wind of their popularity and how much money could in fact be made from them. With the emergence of online casino nowadays, people can even access and learn the casino games on the internet even quicker than before. Gaming fans can now play their favourite games in a variety of venues all over the world. Casinos are now a huge money making venture in a variety of areas, in fact some places rely solely on the gambling business. Las Vegas for one is a good example of this and houses some of the world's most prestigious casinos. All feature hotels and entertainment as well as top notch restaurants and of course, vast gaming venues. Las Vegas isn't only or those who are professional gamers, thanks to the entertainment and good dining options on offer, such a place is in fact suitable for the whole family!

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Author: Marten Jensen
Author: Marten Jensen
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