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Slots game is very popular and each day more and more players who start to love it appear. It attracts players with its rules, and of course, with huge winning that players can get. This game has many variations and all these variations based on the classic type of the machine and the playing rules. Though slots game has huge popularity so you will find many myths based on each version of the game.

Sometimes these myths are correct for a certain point of view but there is no logical, and in no means it can make these myths true. So don't depend on these myths because it can cause a lot of lose in the game. Always try to play according to the game rules and check the payouts before you start to spin. Though slots game has no effective tips and strategy to use, you have to play on your luck and you must have faith on your luck so that you can win.

Myth 1

There is a say, that you can win the game if you play longer than usual. But this is not true, as you play with the machines with RNG, which means that winning combination can appear any time, even with the first spin you make.

Myth 2

Somebody think that if the maintenance man fixed the machine before you play the game, you will lose. This is an incorrect theory because the maintenance man has nothing to do with the machine payout programs, so your chances to win remain absolutely the same.

Myth 3

Some players believe, that it is always better to choose game with special lever to pull the reels. In fact, both levers and buttons work in the same way, and they do not influence the result of reel spinning.

Myth 4

If someone wins in the machine, it can make win for the next players. This is a ridiculous theory nothing else, anything what happened in the machine will just because of the program which will only act randomly.

Myth 5

If the machine just scores a jackpot then it will take a long time to make another jackpot. This isn't true because are some examples when people win the jackpot within 2-5 rounds gone.

Myth 6

Some people say that the machine that provides good score than others is situated in the inner part of the casino but this isn't true. All the machines work randomly, and even if machine has a little bit different payout percentage, in most cases you will not notice that.

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Author: Marten Jensen
Author: Marten Jensen
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