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Slots Origins

Everything has the place of its origins. Slot machine is not an exception. The history of slot machines has started not so long ago, but it is rather interesting, and slot machine gamblers should know it.

Slots History

Charles Fey was an engineer who invented the first slot machine in San Francisco. In 1894, the first slots machine was actually created. It was the first time this game appeared, and since those times, it continues to develop and get some changes to become more attractive to players.

Charles Fey was born in 1862, Vohringen in Bavaria, in poor family. Twenty three years old, he went to San Francisco. In 1987, he took a job of electric in California Electric Work shop in California. He got a friend named as Theodore Holtz. Together they created a machine which they called "4-11-44'.This machine was not very different from modern slots. Then they began to change their invented machine. That was a period which we may call now slots origins.

Modifying the First Slots Machine

The system of first slots machine was not so developed. At present slots machines graphics, music, download software, theme quality is very high. Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, Queens, etc. are used as symbols, and they were present at the reels of the machine.

New Nickel Machine was name of the first slots machine. After their invention, its popularity was increasing day by day in San Francisco. At that time, Fay became a famous person. But very soon he improved the first version of the game, and the famous Liberty Bell appeared. It had some symbols that were present at the previous game version, and also Liberty Bell symbols that gave the name to the game.

In 20th century the situation with gambling became different. In some states, gambling was prohibited, as well as slot machines. In Nevada state gambling had been legalized, and players started to travel there to play a couple of games. Newest slot machines were brought to casinos, and gamblers were satisfied with that, as slots had been popular even then.

Video Games and Online Gambling

With the running of time new and new slot machine games appeared. The fortune coin company invented the first video slots machine in 1975. It is true that these machines became popular very quickly, as they offered more that games to which everyone have got used to.

In early 90’s Internet casinos started to appear, and slot machine casinos became available online. Today anyone can play this game in our website. When you will visit the online casino, you get many games for playing. You can know more browsing online about slots history, slots rules and much information.

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Author: Marten Jensen
Author: Marten Jensen
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