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There are two main types of slot machines according to the way they are constructed: electrical and mechanical. All the symbols used in the game are depicted on reels. For the modern slots machines the odds are fixed with programming. Though, the original slot machines had a little bit different construction. The slots origins explained that. Modern machines, both reel and electronic are based on random number generator.

For its number generating capacity, slot machine can generates thousands of combinations per second. In this way it ensures absolute fairness of the game and game winnings.

Payout percentage

The electric slot machine is programmed for paying 82 to 98 percent of the gambler’s bet. It means, that when you bet $1 you receive from 82 to 98 cents (depending on payout percentage, on condition that payouts are paid 1:1). Due to this payout percentage casinos always stay in profit. Of course, it is better to choose a machine with highest payout. If you play at traditional casino you can ask a friendly to you dealer which of the machine pays the best.

Linked machines

Online and traditional casinos sometimes offer you to play games that are linked. These linked machines usually offer rather attractive jackpot prizes. Playing this type of slot machines you should remember that the percent of each bet you make goes to the total pot (progressive jackpot). Playing any of the games that are linked, you get a chance to hit this jackpot. The only drawback of such games is that the winning chances are very low, in fact, they are divided between all the machines that are connected.

Near-miss programming

The modern slots are created depending on latest software and it is the main cause for missing the high prize. These machines contain such software that sometimes the odds will not go to your favor or software doesn't show the jackpot winning line. Here can be given an example that if the jackpot is combined with triple 7 but the software is permitted twice 7 in a line only. It means that no one can win the jackpot. So you can naturally think that the machine is cheating. This problem is called by near missing. Fortunately, these cases happen very rarely. However, don't worry about this because all of the players will face the same problem and no one will be able to win the game.

Modern machines are really good to play. You just need to learn about the slots terms and condition to be ready to different game situations. Go ahead and enjoy yourself with the modern slot machines. It is important to know exactly what is slot machine and you will see how great your game can be.

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Author: Marten Jensen
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